Art History and Transculturation

The blog “Art History and Transculturation” celebrates the scholarly worlds and works of Monica Juneja, Professor of Global Art History at Heidelberg University, in the context of her 65th birthday. In contrast to the common “Festschrift”, the open access-based, electronic format allows embedding and integrating more numerous and hybrid contributions creatively combining images, films, sound, and text, an iterative publication process, and easy access to closely (hyper-)linked contents.

Congenially, it thus enables a multi-vocal academic portray of the pioneering transcultural methodology, inter- as well as transdisciplinary engagement, the mediation between academic discourse and cultural institutions, and collaborative ethos that characterize Monica Juneja’s outstanding achievements and her innovative role in the field of art history and neighboring disciplines.

Launched on the occasion of her actual birthday, 30th December 2020, the blog will dynamically grow throughout the auspicious year 2021 to include many contributions spanning the fields of art history, history, regional as well as transcultural studies and ranging from early modern to contemporary times. Ultimately, it will demonstrate how Monica Juneja’s critical thinking and mindful research, her caring and sharing personality has constituted a hub of inspiration that relates colleagues, comrades, students, and friends with different expertise and career stages all around the world.

Given its broad thematic scope, international appeal (with English as its main language), and interactive functions the blog “Art History and Transculturation” does not only enhance and focus scholarly exchange among its approximately 60 contributors at a particular moment in time, but also intends to attract the interest of a broader, scientifically minded public regarding the achievements of transcultural perspectives and their innovative methodological potential.

The editorial team – Jennifer Bürk, Hajra Haider, and Jo Ziebritzki headed by Franziska Koch and affiliated with Heidelberg University’s Chair of Global Art History at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies – warmly thanks all contributors, who make this a special present/-ce.

We wish Monica Juneja as well as all blog users a lively reading, viewing & listening experience!

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